Notes in relevant places

A new ‘coping mechanism’ (gag) for me.

I am slowly learning that, no, I will not remember this just because it’s crystal clear right this second.

So, yes, I do need to write things down to remember them.

Unfortunately, I often forget to look in the place I’ve written things down (be this trello, my notebook, my hand, whatever…), so I’ve taken to adding extra notes in the places where they are needed.


  • I forgot to switch my driving licence across to my new purse yesterday. This occurred to me while I was at work, so I wrote a note and slotted it into the car key ring
  • I need to buy a reusable coffee cup (so that I can walk Luna in the early mornings without wanting to die), so I have left a note with the bookmark in the novel I’ll be reading today in the coffee shop

I should stress that these notes are easily misplaced and so they are on top of my usual method (currently trello), not replacing it.

Photo by Dustin Lee on Unsplash

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