Tree tabs


Browser tabs are stressful – nested, vertical-style ones are less so

Lots of chrome tabs

The Wiki Rabbithole, the Reddit Trail, the 2am Descent into Weird Statistics Cavern… all are journeys very familiar to me and many other people with ADHD.

Tabs quickly add up and become terrifying as, especially if you have several posts from the same site open, you can’t see which page is which. You also quickly lose track of your train of thought – so many interesting topics lost forever!

Tree tabs in Firefox


I came across the solution on Reddit.

Vertical/nested/tree tabs! Winner!

The add-on pictured here is in Firefox, which I usually use for non-Day Job stuff – the Chrome aberration above is because I’ve already customised FF to hide the top tabs (I find them very distracting). 

Basically, whenever you open a tab from a new tab it nests itself underneath the parent.

You can drag-and-drop them to rearrange, and label things, and hibernate things… it’s all very exciting. 

(Pro tip: if you’re using this exact add-on, for goodness’ sake turn off the option that makes tabs open in new windows if you accidentally drag them out of the column. That annoyed me for weeks before I worked out you could change it.)

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