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Day 83 – Another little pill

I suggest that we try topping me up with more Elvanse in the afternoon instead. I’m expecting pushback, but it seems to make sense to Dr E, although she says she’s not done it before.

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Day 85 – Second pink pill

At some point I remember the massive pile of laundry I’m meant to be dealing with. While ironing a T-shirt, I’m distracted by a request to watch the dog.

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I find it very hard to get it through my head that, no, I won’t “finish this bit off tomorrow”. I’ve always had a bit of an issue coming to terms with things ending. This might be the longest thing that I have ended.

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The Year of Calm

If I try to identify a thread that runs through the negative areas of my life – lateness, half-finished tasks, frustration – it is a lack of calm and clarity.

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