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Day 37 – Oh, shut up

Eventually I snap “STOP IT” at a member for pointing aggressively and raising his voice towards a speaker; as minute-taker, not chair, it is definitely not my place to do so

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Day 38 – Shocker

I’m realising that I still flit from project to project, just on a longer timescale – after several weeks of productivity there remains an unfinished draft of an essay I wrote about excuses, a list of ideas for poems, a folder full of bookmarks for short story submissions.

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Day 39 – Mood swings

When the meds kick in and I cheer up a bit, I use the energy to write the first few thank you cards for the wedding – the long ones, to family. It gets emotional.

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Day 41 – Not just a fix

I realise that I’ve not spent much time trying to describe the ‘rush’ I get when the meds first kick in. I think it’s because I’m wary about being labelled a junkie.

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I find it very hard to get it through my head that, no, I won’t “finish this bit off tomorrow”. I’ve always had a bit of an issue coming to terms with things ending. This might be the longest thing that I have ended.

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The Year of Calm

If I try to identify a thread that runs through the negative areas of my life – lateness, half-finished tasks, frustration – it is a lack of calm and clarity.

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