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Day 61 – Encouraging signs

I can actually feel the information sinking in. This is most unusual, and very encouraging (especially considering my recent interest in furthering my education).

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Day 62 – PMS and phone calls

Also in the evening I call the Open University about reserving a place on their February Access to Education course. I sound like a ditsy twit on the phone – I’m truly awful with calls – but apparently a pleasant enough ditsy twit to want to help, because they’re very patient.

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Day 63 – Puppy-proofing

It’s a crampy and vague Frankie who realises she’s got about ten days’ work to do on the house in three days, before the puppy arrives. Joe’s out, which is annoying in one way (I could do with a hand) and probably-for-the-best in another (I work better alone).

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Day 64 – Return of the PB&T

It annoys me that I don’t know why the peanut butter on toast works better than other foods when it comes to enhancing the effects of the Elvanse. Is it the combination of protein and fat? Is the toast somehow involved? Nutrition is perplexing.

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Day 65 – ADHD: Project mode

Although it all looks random, a strategy is forming in the back of my mind as I work. I know that if I do this, I will have room to move that, which will free up space for this… My favourite bit is watching things come together from chaos

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Days 66-68 – Good girl, Luna

Luckily for my finely tuned sense of rejection, Luna was immediately doting, trusting and clingy to a ridiculous level. She follows me around the house and sits next to me when I pause, gazing up lovingly.

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I find it very hard to get it through my head that, no, I won’t “finish this bit off tomorrow”. I’ve always had a bit of an issue coming to terms with things ending. This might be the longest thing that I have ended.

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The Year of Calm

If I try to identify a thread that runs through the negative areas of my life – lateness, half-finished tasks, frustration – it is a lack of calm and clarity.

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