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Day 11 – And… action!

It is 02.19, so it’s technically tomorrow. I volunteered to be an extra in a friend’s university film project. There’s a whole posse of young creative types doing interesting things with tiny cameras and large microphones. 

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Weight, Part 1: Eating with ADHD

Problems with eating relate to ADHD in lots of ways. Cooking and eating are a huge part of my life. I enjoy both. They can also be a source of great stress, especially when I struggle to organise meals or control my impulsive urges to eat too much of the crappy stuff.

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Day 10 – Food on Friday

I get up even earlier, at 06.30, because I have an article to do before 08.00. This would have been inconceivable a fortnight ago. And I actually do the article, too! Then I finish the story for my Dad, who I am meeting for lunch. I forget about breakfast.

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Day 9 – Thrice socialised

Feel good again this morning (though not as fireworks-in-the-brain as yesterday), but frustratingly lose half of my newly prized hour of morning productivity to a sulking computer.

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Day 8 – Time for a boost

First day on the 50mg pill. I feel superb, as expected. Super focused, almost euphoric, and the dry mouth no worse than usual. Heart rate is sitting at 90, which isn’t great.

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Day 5 – Sunday funday (not fun evening)

Two more things that today’s burst of research has highlighted for me: first, that everyone’s experience of ADHD meds is super different. It’s amazing. Second, that people with ADHD (a lot of them, anyway) are really happy to be encouraging and helpful all over the Internet. I’m a smidge proud of being ADHD at the moment.

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Day 4 – Square eyes

TL;DR: Stared at laptop (working, at least) and tidied living room. General notes: Weekend. 30mg Elvanse at 8.30. Alone all day. Physical notes: Heart-rate at

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I find it very hard to get it through my head that, no, I won’t “finish this bit off tomorrow”*. I’ve always had a bit of an issue coming to terms with things ending. This might be the longest thing that I have ended.

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The Year of Calm

If I try to identify a thread that runs through the negative areas of my life – lateness, half-finished tasks, frustration – it is a lack of calm and clarity.

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