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Hello! Welcome to The ADHD Diaries. It's launch day today. [Edit: OK, it's now 'launch last thing in the evening' but I suppose that's apt.] If you’re here for the first time, you’ll notice that there’s already a fair bit of content...
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Hello! Welcome to The ADHD Diaries.

This website is about adult ADHD from the perspective of an adult woman with ADHD, diagnosed at the age of 26.

The age and gender are relevant: ADHD often presents quite differently in women, and the fact that I wasn’t diagnosed until my mid-20s goes some way to explaining a lot of my past (and means I’ve got easily-recalled first-hand experience of the diagnostic practice in the UK)

I’m launching ‘properly’ today, i.e. putting the link out there and attaching the domain name to the site. [Edit: OK, it’s now ‘launch last thing in the evening’ but I suppose that’s apt]

If you’re here for the first time, you’ll notice that there’s already a fair bit of content. Most of this is made up of diary entries: useful if you want to know what the first weeks and months of life-after-ADHD-diagnosis are like, occasionally entertaining, and largely self-indulgent.

They’re for my use as much as yours. It’s good to look back and spot patterns (for instance, noticing that my menstrual cycle is somehow linked to med efficacy was helpful), and pleasing to see how far I’ve come in a short time. I only wish that I’d started the diary before I got my medication, so that I could really appreciate the contrast – but, of course, I’d never have stuck with it.

There are also some posts that didn’t really fit into the ‘diary’ format: articles on diagnosis, ADHD symptoms, psychology, ‘body issues’ and so on. These are probably useful to a wider audience, as they talk about a subject all in one go instead of spread through dozens of diary entries. Nonetheless, they contain more personal anecdote and experience than a ‘normal’ article on ADHD might.

With both kinds of posts I’ve had a bit of a quandary as to editing: I want to preserve the tone I wrote them in as far as possible, because it definitely reflects how I’m feeling and thus adds to the value; but that often means they include more swear words than I’d usually use for published work, and there are definite inconsistencies in tense and so on.

Where possible and relevant I’ve tried to include links to resources and articles that have helped me understand the disorder and its treatment, as I’ve found that learning about ADHD is a bit trial and error.

A lot of what I’ve found useful has been through internet forums (reddit, ADDitude, etc.) and Facebook groups (Women with ADD ADHD was the group that spurred me on to getting a proper diagnosis). There is an astounding lack of solid information surrounding ADHD – adult ADHD especially, and adult ADHD in women even more especially – so I’ve often found that crowdsourcing opinion and suggestions is more useful than trawling through barely-interested medical websites.


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