Work when it occurs


Inspiration slips away too quickly – can I capture it on the device that’s always in my hand?

Work when it occurs

Work when it occurs

I think 100 was a good stopping point for numbering the days. It’ll get annoying in three figures.

I’m trying to make it easier to harness the moments of inspiration/motivation that flicker through my mind.

I often think of something cool I’d like to post on here, or an idea for the Day Job website but, because it’s inconvenient to do anything about it, I file it away in the ‘later’ folder of my mind. As we all know, that folder may as well be a shredder.

So, I’m starting to take one of the main distractions in my life – my mobile phone – and make it work in my favour. If I can get something done (or started, at least) the minute it occurs to me, it doesn’t have the chance to escape.

As I think I mentioned a few days ago, I’ve downloaded a voice-to-text app which works more nicely than the non-dedicated tools.

I’ve also started using Google docs more regularly, as they’re easier to edit on mobile than my usually-favoured Word files (I’m sure that’s because Android have made it that way deliberately, which I don’t approve of, but I’ve got to work with the reality I’m in!).

I’ve downloaded the WordPress app onto my phone so that I can, in theory, make posts directly from mobile. I actually managed that in the car back from Birmingham the other day, but it took ages – a reflection of my own abilities as much as the app’s interface, I’m sure.

Screenshot of my home screen with lots of apps
It makes sense to me, OK?

I got a new phone recently (with lots more storage space), so I’ve been having a whale of a time messing around with the organisation of the various apps. I’m not 100% sure this was a good use of my time, but it was enjoyable.

(Along these lines, I’m also trialling a variety of organisational apps, the reviews of which I intend to post at some point.)

So far, so good – but I’m still stuck on a couple of points:

  • A while ago I started feeling frustrated at the amount of good ideas I had, but couldn’t transcribe, in the shower. People have suggested many solutions – from wax crayons to waterproof microphones – but nothing’s really appealed yet.

  • When I’m walking I often think of things I’d like to write, but I can’t walk-and-type for toffee. Anyone seeing me attempt it probably thinks I’m doing something super shifty on my phone by the intense concentration on my face and my constant sideways glances to make sure I’m not approaching the kerb. I’m not willing to dictate voice-to-text in public – I still think most people who talk into Bluetooth headsets look ridiculous.

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