Day 77 – Workflow woes

My diverted focus is running full throttle today. I’m almost impressed.

I was updating something on this site and my plan vs actual workflow progressed thus:

Get drastically off track attempting basic task

Aim for the morning: Make short excerpt of posts show on front page of new theme instead of full text.

Time estimated: 30 minutes

Time taken: 3 hours

Objective acheived? No

Actual workflow:

  1. Look for content options
  2. Can’t find them. Google. Read several forum threads and realise it’s not possible with new theme
  3. Add ‘read more’ tag to posts instead of excerpt
  4. This means TL;DR box no longer works in current place
  5. Relocate box
  6. While I’m at it, may as well make the div prettier
  7. Learn a bit of .class CSS so that I can have a blue box with good padding
  8. That looks nice. Let’s add some pull quotes to the post
  9. Now I know some more CSS I wonder if I can edit these too
  10. Google and learn about pull quote style in print and online
  11. Decide I want ‘x’ Google font in a fancy pull quote
  12. Can’t make font work
  13. “How do I upload fonts to WordPress”?
  14. Edit header.php file, apparently
  15. Can’t find it. Maybe it’s because I’m mapping my domain instead of hosting it with WordPress. Transfer domain to WordPress.
  16. Still not there. More Google. Ah. Without a business subscription I can’t get into the theme files
  17. OK, so I have to add fonts via FTP
  18. “Connect WordPress to FTP”
  19. “Which FTP is best”
  20. “Connect WordPress to Cyberduck”
  21. Install Cyberduck
  22. Oh FFS, WordPress won’t allow .com sites to connect to FTP
  23. Is it worth looking into self-hosting so I can… wait, what was I doing?

Hold up. How much money, time and effort am I about to spend in an attempt to modify… pull quotes? Good grief.

Caught myself this time but I’ve made some stupid decisions in the past by continuing down these blinkered paths.

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