Day 78 – Little lows

I’ve been feeling quite low for the last few days, even in the morning when I’m usually at my cheeriest (post-coffee, of course).

Not sure what’s brought it on: could be the change in the weather (although I wouldn’t usually expect a mood change for a couple of months yet).

It could be the responsibility of having a puppy, but she seems to be the only thing that cheers me up at the moment, so I doubt it.

I’m finding myself a little resentful of Joe’s comparative lack of work around the house/with the dog – he works longer hours than me but seems to have more free time at the moment. But I’m not sure this is fair, because he’s also looking after Luna during the day when he’s at the farm, which must be a pain.

I’m struggling to get out of bed and I’m walking in a bit of a sulky fuzz.


By the by, I’m replacing the semi-detailed “notes” bit with weekly stats, as trying to think of things to put in when I didn’t want to was getting tedious to the point of making me not want to write at all.

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