Day 8 – Time for a boost

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General: First day of 50mg Elvanse. Take with food at 7.30, like I’m supposed to.
Physical notes: Heart rate higher (between 80-90 for most of the day). Dry mouth still there but no worse. Appetite very low until about 20.00, then fine. Takes ages to get to sleep.
Mental notes: Feel great – focused, euphoric, capable. Hoping at least two of the three stick with me! 😉

First day on the 50mg pill. I feel superb, as expected. Super focused, almost euphoric, and the dry mouth no worse than usual. Heart rate is sitting at 90, which isn’t great.

Trying to bear in mind that this is unlikely to feel as good tomorrow, and that that is OK. Just because it’s helping you, doesn’t mean it’s not a drug, Frankie, and you need to treat it like one.

I get up at 7.30 and make sure to eat something (just a handful of cheese and nuts, but something) before I take the pill, for once. I sit down to do a few words of an article I was thinking about last night… and spend two hours writing over 1,000 words and then subbing it back down again. I decide that I like it too much to send it to the ‘paying in exposure’ blog that I was planning on, and so I spend a while skimming through and bookmarking various submission pages, ostensibly to come back to later.

I sheepishly close the offending tabs. And then, er, open this document to update it

This is all excellent from my freelance perspective, but by this point I am supposed to be doing my Day Job. I sheepishly close the offending tabs. And then, er, open this document to update it. OK, I’m closing it now.

It’s nearly 15.00 and I’m starting to feel slightly foggy, though not awful. I got a lot done once I got to work, including writing a contributor biography for myself, which I hate doing. It’s hard to blow your own tiny horn when everyone you work with has a bloody trombone.

I’ve been trying to pick at the lentils I brought with me but my appetite is almost non-existent.

I get a lot more writing done when I get home, riding on a second wind and fuelled by coffee. I realise guiltily, at around 19.30, that I’m supposed to be cooking dinner for Joe and me. We have a stir-fry. Happily my appetite returns and I have two bowls full of veggies and egg-fried rice. Joe has pork with his. I promised him that I would not stop feeding him meat when I went pescetarian, and I’m sticking to it!

Bummer, though: it’s my first night of bad sleep. It’s not the horrible, brain-frying insomnia that I used to have – more of a calm wait for sleep to come. It’s just that it’s quite a long wait, and though my sleep is deep it doesn’t last for long (I’m in and out of consciousness from 5am).

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