Day 80 – Terrible tech

Is it just me who ends up spending 200% longer than expected when attempting ‘basic’ technological tasks?

I go home to play with Luna at lunchtime. Fifteen minutes before I have to go back to Day Job, I decide to dig out my old phone to play ‘calming dog music’ in the vague hope that it will decrease her distress at being left (I spent £7 on it, it better work).

  • The music is saved in my Drive folder, so I go to sign into the app on my ancient smartphone (I think I got it in 2012).
  • I forget the password, so I have to check that on my current phone.
  • I log in, but find that my files aren’t displaying
  • Drive is updating. Righto.
  • Wait far too long for that to happen – meanwhile try and fail to Bluetooth the files to myself
  • Eventually get into Drive. Download files.
  • This also takes an age, and they have a big delay before showing up in Play
  • Finally they’re playable, and I can’t work out how to put a whole album on ‘repeat’
  • Can’t figure it out, settle on adding the album to ‘queue’ twice and hope for the best

Christ alive. Should have taken ten minutes, actually took 30. I’m late back to Day Job.

Still feel awful when I leave Luna. She cries. Poor baby.

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