Day 84 – Topping up

I go to pick up my new prescription at lunchtime. Boots (the pharmacy) are, as usual, short a few pills but happy to give me the handful they have – no problems with the unusually high mg per day – and an IOU for the rest, which I can pick up tomorrow.

TL;DR: First day with an extra 30mg of Elvanse (Vyvanse) taken in the afternoon

Turns out that I only have to pay for one prescription as they’re the same drug (last month with the dexamfetamine I had to pay for two). Super!

I take the (pink! Hooray!) 30mg pill at about 14.20 (I think 14.00 is probably going to be ideal, so that worked out well) and grudgingly sip at my not-quite-right coffee.

Reading back to my first posts, I am experimenting with less trepidation than I once was. I have a vague idea of how this drug affects me, and even how to optimise it, which makes the whole thing barely scary.

Speaking of optimising it, I realise I should have eaten something before taking this second pill. Oops.

14.00: Walking back to work, I am feeling a boost in my mental energy/focus levels. Excellent.

14.45: I get back to the office and furiously type into this document, knowing well that my self-promises of “I’ll do it when I get home” are currently empty. The puppy is too distracting. Pull quote: "Usually I’d be back to ‘normal’ by this point in the day"

17.14: I still feel good (i.e. focused, not easily irritated). Usually I’d be back to ‘normal’ by this point in the day. Have done much more this afternoon than I would usually – morning levels of productivity. Great sign (although wary that this could be another ‘honeymoon period’).

Luna stops me from live-blogging, but my mental capacity remains reasonable until 22.00-ish, which is a big improvement. My one gripe is that the background feeling of ‘I need to be productive!’ continues even when I’m trying to be productive (cooking dinner, for instance).

It takes me a little while to go to sleep, but I mangage my usual nearly-seven-hours (I really need to work on this).

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