Day 85 – Second pink pill

Taking the 30mg pill a little earlier today – 13.00 – to see if that helps me get to sleep on time. I don’t eat anything beforehand again: by the time I get to town, pick up the rest of my prescription and find something to eat, it will be past 14.00 again.

Sure enough, at 14.00 I sit down with a tuna melt and a coffee – the first lunch I’ve had in ages, so at least the extra Elvanse isn’t killing my appetite. It takes a while longer for the medication to ‘kick in’, which I imagine is a result of filling up my stomach.

I meet a friend for coffee (well, two) after work, which admittedly doesn’t help boost my mental faculties further, and spend a lazy evening in with Joe and Luna.

At some point I remember the massive pile of laundry I’m meant to be dealing with. While ironing a T-shirt, I’m distracted by a request to watch the dog. I remember to unplug the iron, but the T-shirt, half-crisp-half-wrinkly, remains on the ironing board, which stands next to an almost-full basket of crinkled clothing. It doesn’t get touched again today.

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