Day 91 – Late


I’m always late to work and my puppy is all itchy

Day 91 - Late

No matter how long I give myself in the morning, I am reliably failing to turn up to work on time. I’m not very late – 10-15 minutes, usually – but it’s getting a bit ridiculous. Luckily my boss doesn’t appear to mind (I stay late to make up for it).

Pull quote: diary extract

Reasons I was late to work this morning:

  • The snooze button
  • Spotify refusing to play the one song I decided I needed to wake up
  • Putting on makeup for once because I felt like a sea slug
  • Getting egg yolk on the back (?!) of my tights and having to change
  • Walking slowly towards the spot where a cute spaniel is usually sat, in the hope that he turns up by the time I get there. I haven’t seen him since before the summer holidays. Maybe his owner’s kid stopped going to the primary school 🙁
  • Trying to open the office door with my car key

Head not working

Yesterday the should-be-familiar-by-now PMS symptoms hit me and I was as befuddled by them as ever. Extremely badly affected by outside stimuli, almost incapable of reading full paragraphs and making sense of them. And yet I didn’t realise why until I started my period this morning. Ho hum!

Tried to write about the worst of the symptoms as they were happening, yesterday, but couldn’t make myself complete a sentence.

Puppy update

Oh, why is my puppy so sickly? Well, she’s not – she’s 99% energy and cuddles – but now she’s scratching herself so much that she’s losing hair on her ears. Mites? Fleas? Food allergy (please no… don’t make me organise a hypoallergenic diet…)?

Back to the vet, I suppose.

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