Day 94 – Not great

Day 94 - Not great

All this week has been pretty bad, focus-wise. I’m not sure all of it can be put down to my period.

Clearly I’ve not done much on the website, and I’ve made some stupid mistakes while matched betting.

My appetite has been almost non-existent, and I’m starting to think that it has more to do with the sugar-free sweets of dubious (Turkish) origin that I bought off Amazon and have been consuming in large volumes to keep dry mouth away.

I suppose lack of appetite = lack of nutrition = lack of brain function. I’ll try to stay off the sweets today and see if it helps. I should probably try and put on a couple of pounds anyway, so the weight trend isn’t so doctor-alarming.

I’m losing my grip on things again. My to-do list on trello hasn’t been touched in weeks. I haven’t started an article I was meant to submit yesterday. I haven’t completed a gift exchange I signed up to. The ironing I mentioned well over a week ago still hasn’t been done. I’m finding it more and more difficult to wake up in the mornings.

Puppy is still alive though. Winning at that.

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