Hanging up

Smart-phone with "NO" on the screen


Late-night phone use has led to drastic measures: blocking most of my ‘screen binging’ apps after 10pm.

I’ve turned on an app which blocks most of the other apps on my phone after 22:00.

In fact, I downloaded it at 02:00 last night/this morning, horrified at yet another session of glassy-eyed internet browsing that left me with bugger all time for kip.

Knowing what I am like for finding workarounds (I suppose I’ll update you on that alarm app one day), I went nuclear right away: paying £6 for the all-you-can-eat restrictions and turning on every safeguard they offered.

(Probably just as well, because I definitely would have turned it off at 22:15 when I wanted to Google ‘capsule wardrobes’ – God knows what kind of expensive rabbit hole that would have sent me down.)

I believe that, if I want to browse Twitter at 01:00, I would now have to entirely reformat my phone. A bit much even for me.

The restrictions end on December 21, when my Mum comes to visit – not for any particular reason, it’s just a date I had in my head that wasn’t Christmas.

What fresh nonsense is this?

I’ve not been sleeping until well past 1am. I keep myself up on my phone: job hunting, Reddit browsing, Facebook eyerolling… None of which are conducive to a sleepy state of mind.

Plus there’s the nagging feeling that I need to do something about this phone addiction in general. More on that later.

Tap tap tap

Er. Well, I was going to write this in an actual notebook, with a biro, giving myself yer genuine writer’s hand cramp – but I couldn’t find any notebooks in my bedroom.*

I swear I used to have about 12 of them up here. They must have been moved and/or evicted during one of the Scourings.

So this is being written on my phone, yes, but a couple of apps got spared for what I think are sensible reasons: communication (Messenger, WhatsApp), relaxation (Spotify) and creation (image editing and this writing app).

Creation vs consumption

I figure that this burst of late-night writing fervour has got to be preferable (in the short- and long-term) to an hour’s worth of slack-jawed snorting at Twitter and /r/dogs.

For a start, it is cReATiNg, and we all know that this is automatically more worthy than inhaling someone else’s creations. Unless that creation is a book, for some reason, in which case I’ve got carte blanche to stay up until 03:00 without judgement.

I joke, but there’s probably something in it: if I’m going to be stealing time from tomorrow, it’s better that I am at least doing something future me will appreciate. Future Frankie will not even remember the /r/askreddit thread on juicy/terrifying relationship stories – but she will probably be happy to have something to upload to the site in the morning. [Edit – yup. Cheers, Past Frankie.]

Feelin’ sleepy

Also, this is definitely winding down my brain more effectively than the consumption of phone-based media would be.

I’m not sure why, precisely: possibly it’s the well-known catharsis of diary venting.

Possibly it’s that I’m concentrating on one thing for several minutes, rather than skipping randomly from whim to whim, churning through open apps and tabs. I’m tiring out my brain with the strain of having to look at one app instead of 20.

Whatever the reason, I’m about to turn off the light and try to sleep before midnight for the first time in a long time. Bonne nuit. X

* Not quite true; I found one, in my bedside cabinet, that was full – absolutely full – of notes from 2012/13 meetings. They may as well have been referencing events on other planets for as much sense I can make of them now

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