Sunday morning: missing

Question mark and cheese grater

Slept until 12.40, so decided not to take any meds today – probably good to have a break, plus I stand more chance of sleeping tonight this way. 

Slightly concerned that I slept for a solid 11 hours, but if it doesn’t become a habit I suppose I can put it down as “one of those things my body decided it had to do”.

I’m also very PMS-y, so the meds wouldn’t do much good anyway. I really must get around to writing something about that: there’s an outrageous lack of solid information on what seems to be an extremely common phenomenon.

Highlights of the day:

  • Weighed out 115g of butter, put it in a mixing bowl, and putting the bowl back on top of the cupboards
  • Totally lost the cheese grater [update – Wednesday – still not found]
  • Yelled at X Files for leaving gaping plot holes and relying on lazy writing tropes (this is a season from 2002, I should add  – Joe and I are very slowly making our way through the back catalogue)
  • Noticed that my toe is now a vivid shade of purple, having stubbed it HARD on the dog cage last night. I think it’s broken. Oh well!

I have a surprisingly cheerful day, considering the hormonal/unmedicated combination. I think it’s because I stoutly refused to try and function productively – I spent all day making a mess of the kitchen and periodically napping. Happy Sunday 🙂

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