Working from home with ADHD: Week 1

Row of terraced houses. Arrow pointing to one with text "New office"

Week one of this foolhardy experiment is complete!

I have decided not to interview for the horrible-looking marketing position that seemed keen to have me. I’m sure it will be an excellent job for someone, but I just know I would be miserable.

Writing product descriptions all day is just… not what I want to do. I would fall behind quickly and become very unhappy.

Good points:

  • I love setting my own hours.
    • Bedtime is less stressful now I know I’m not going to be forcing myself up while still in deep sleep.
    • Ditto morning routine – I can take my time, and it’s not taking me that much longer to get ready because I’m not in panic-faff mode.
  • Nobody interrupting my projects with new projects (well, nobody but me… see below)
  • Dog very happy at not being abandoned on Thursday/Friday
VERY happy

Bad points:

  • I need to keep track of what I’m doing in those hours, and thus far I have failed to do so. I set up a nice time tracking spreadsheet and keep forgetting to use it – and time tracking is one of those things that really can’t be filled in in retrospect. The memory is far too unreliable.
    I need to work out an automation thingummy to remind me every 15 minutes on my computer and phone, but that’s quite an absorbing task that I know will take me away from profitable work for too long.
  • On that note, I am now the one interrupting my own projects with random bullshit. The Boss, at least, had a good idea of what would be profitable! Now I’m my own boss, I’m feeling this stuff out and leaving half-finished possibilities lying around the place. Not good.
  • Making myself leave the house, even for things I very much want to do (e.g. go for coffee) is quite difficult now I’m happily melding into my chair. I’ve managed it every day – getting dressed “before work” is an excellent help – but I always leave ages after I initially plan to.
  • Not keeping up with this diary, which I really meant to do!

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