Resources & articles about ADHD

I’ll try to keep this page updated as and when I want to share things I have found particularly useful and/or entertaining.

ADHD resources/info

Symptoms (AAD-UK) – A list of the symptoms that doctors in the UK will be looking for during the diagnostic process. Print and go through before your appointments – if you relate to any of them, write down the symptom (with personal examples) and take these notes with you.

Frequently asked questions about ADHD (Pay Attention, UK) – Covers all of the questions you’ll probably ask or be asked on a regular basis.

Other good websites – A UK-based site focused on adult ADHD. Includes tools to find out if you might have ADHD, and a searchable database of specialists.

Pay Attention, UK (#AttentionUK) – A campaign to raise awareness of ADHD and the need for more support; and to help demolish the stigma surrounding it.

ADHD Roller Coaster – News, research and articles from someone who’s been an ADHD advocate for nearly 20 years. Gina Pera’s writing on ADHD is well worth reading – she doesn’t have the disorder herself, but she’s been advocating for people who have it for nearly 20 years (she’s also a veteran journalist, which helps on the readability front).

myadhdandi.caAnother blog about adult ADHD in women, but this time from a perspective of a mother who got diagnosed much earlier (at 12 years old). Written from a personal viewpoint, but in a way that’s useful to a large audience.

Articles about ADHD

General articles about ADHD

‘When I started taking ADHD medication it was as if someone flicked a switch’ (Guardian) – an excellent article that covers many issues, not just the headline one. ADHD being under-diagnosed in women and the consequences of that, the stigma attached to medication, the difference it can make etc.

The ADHD Mind

What is ADHD Like? (a Dose of Healthy Distraction) – metaphors and phrases to help explain what it feels like inside an ADHD brain.

Sticking to the conversation ( – the struggles of following conversation

ADHD medication

Don’t be in any doubt – ADHD is an illness and it must be treated (Guardian, 12 August 2018) – a GP argue that ADHD is under-diagnosed and treated (while the opposite is commonly assumed)

My Clinical Experience with Vyvanse in the Treatment of ADHD (LinkedIn) – a thorough account of one doctor’s experience of prescribing Vyvanse, through to much higher dosages than the FDA’s recommended maximum (70mg).

ADHD and general health

ADHD and Obesity: Can ADHD Make You Fat? (Gina Pera)– a detailed, scientific look at the issues surrounding ADHD and obesity.

Facebook groups for women with ADHD

Note: most of these are closed for a reason, please don’t join if you’re not the target audience.

Women with ADD ADHD

Women with ADHD (UK and Ireland based)

Smart Girls with ADHD

Women With ADHD/ADD in UK

Beautiful Mayhem: Women with ADHD Casual Chat

ADHD Memes