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I don’t have any qualifications to do with mental health in general, or ADHD in particular. I’m a writer, not a doctor.

Furthermore, psychology, psychiatry and neurology are full of contradictions: advice varies massively from expert to expert, and what works for me might not work for you.

Any action you take as a result of reading this site is totally down to you – I’m not recommending that you do anything that I do. Nothing on this website is a substitute for medical advice.


Any information you give me (e.g. by contacting me via email) will never be given to anyone else. Pretty simple.

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My affiliate links are through Amazon Associates, which means that if you click on a book recommendation on this site, and buy it through that link, I get a small percentage (5% for books) as a commission.

If I link to Audible or Prime or whatever and you sign up for the free trial, I get between £3-5.

I will never recommend any book that I have not personally read, or any product that I have not personally used.

I’m not really expecting this to make me any money, but if it does funnel a few quid my way I’ll be happy, and it seems silly not to try.