Recap: Food/eating & ADHD

I started researching Elvanse and food after a few days of acute mid-afternoon brain fog. There was so much conflicting information about this subject online.
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I figured it would be a good idea to do a series of ‘recap’ posts before my first follow-up doctor’s appointment next week. It will help get things in one place for my benefit and for the benefit of any readers.

Appetite loss with Elvanse/Vyvanse

This has definitely affected me. In my current opinion (and I realise that this might change), it has affected me in a good way.

I am no longer obsessing over food.

I still enjoy it in the evenings, but my mornings and afternoons aren’t spent thinking about lunch and/or dinner – nor struggling with the after effects of too large a meal.

I am losing weight, but I was expecting to anyway: I recently got married, so I was trying to slim down before the day; I’ve stopped eating meat for unrelated reasons (still eating fish though); plus, it’s been so hot that even my new husband, who is definitely part labrador, isn’t eating much.

I’m now keeping a closer eye on the weight loss because it’s important that I stabilise it before I become unhealthy.

When I started treatment I think I was. around 145lb (65kg)  I’m currently 133lb (60kg) at 5’7″, which is just about right for my frame when I’m not exercising and adding muscle weight. Next step is to do just that.

The main potential problem I can see is that I need to eat breakfast in order to keep up kcal numbers (and to increase meds’ effectiveness – see below), which I find pretty difficult at the best of times.

Maximising Elvanse/Vyvanse effectiveness (minimising ‘come down’) with food

I started researching ‘Elvanse/Vyvanse and food’ after a few days of acute mid-afternoon brain fog. There was so much conflicting information about this subject online.

  • Some websites told me that I needed to eat throughout the day (not easy with a reduced appetite).
  • Some told me that I had to have a big breakfast.
  • Others told me that it wasn’t the size but the content of the breakfast that counted: high protein, or a neutral PH.
  • Some websites said that coffee might be the culprit (because of its acidic PH), and others said it would help.

Not only that, but I had to scrape all of this advice up from various forums and casual sites because I couldn’t find a lick of reliably sourced information.

Even the doctor who prescribed me the medication mentioned breakfast only as a good way to make sure I don’t lose too much weight, and to protect my stomach lining from the pill when I first started taking it.

I can only imagine that this ridiculous situation came about because:

  1. Nobody’s researched it properly (or if they have it’s not been publicised); and/or
  2. People get vastly different results from different methods and thus need to do their own experimenting; and/or
  3. Nobody cares enough to put it on their medical websites.

There’s not much I can do about 1 or 3, but I can tell you what’s working for me at the moment.

I currently make sure to have a small, high-protein breakfast a couple of minutes before I take my pill. This has, truly, made a ridiculous amount of difference.

The change was immediate from one day to the next, and my focus and stamina have been consistently better since I started this. The ‘crash’ or ‘comedown’ is nowhere near as bad.

Lunch does not seem to make any difference either way, but if I’m hungry I’ll eat. However, I now religiously eat something in the morning, when before I would avoid breakfast with equal zeal.

As I truly do hate eating breakfast I went through a few experiments: peanut butter on toast lasted the longest, but it sticks to the roof of one’s mouth unpleasantly in the early hours. There’s no chance of me getting myself together and cooking eggs before 08.00.

I have settled on a slice of toast heavily slathered in full fat cream cheese.

I may soon experiment with protein shakes (pea protein, my healthy vegan friend tells me, is especially good – but I need fat as well, so I’ll have to think about it).

Please tell me what worked for you! The more people’s experiences we can gather together, the better chance we all have of figuring this stuff out.


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